Any planning applications received by Breckland District Council that relate to Griston are sent to the Parish Council as part of the planning consultation process.  The Parish Council does not have the authority to approve or refuse any applications but are able to submit comments on behalf of the village for consideration by the planning department.

This page gives you the opportunity to view individual planning applications relating to the village.  If you wish to make any comments on these plans please send an email to the Clerk ([email protected]before the specified date.  Any relevant comments received will be passed to the Parish Councillors for their consideration to ensure that the comments submitted to BDC actually reflect the views of the community and not just those of the Parish Councillors.

By clicking on the links below you will be re-directed to the details of each individual planning application on the BDC website.

Ref. No.                      Location                              Closing date for comments/Decision date

3PL/2017/1122/D        Church Road                       17th October 2017

3PL/2017/0306          Manor Road                         Application withdrawn

3PL/2017/0065          Church Road                        20th March 2017 (Closed)

3PL/2016/1548           Manor Road                         Approved by BDC on 7th February 2017

3PL/2016/1415           Caston Road                        Approved by BDC on 10th February 2017

3PL/2016/1358           Carbrooke Road                   Approved by BDC on 27th March 2017

3PL/2016/1403           Church Road                        Approved by BDC on 16th January 2017


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